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Sports psychology uses psychological knowledge and tools to address optimal performance and your well-being. Sport provides not only physical development, but also social development, helping you deal with stress, pressure, self-criticism, difficulties, failure, winning, relationships.
Sport psychology interventions are designed to help you and other sport participants (e.g., coaches, parents). Both if you have a difficulty, a challenge, but also in situations where you simply want to better understand your emotions, expand your self-awareness and be a better and better person as well as athlete.

Sports psychologist – Who can benefit?

For athletes from all disciplines, levels of competition and ages, from recreational participants in youth competitions to professional and Olympic level athletes. If you are interested in self-understanding, greater life satisfaction and developing sports skills, meetings with a sports psychologist will expand your self-awareness.

How can working with a sports psychologist help you?

Developing self-confidence
Focusing on development, not just the result聽
Dealing with self-criticism聽
Working on self-esteem
Managing stress
Understanding and dealing with emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness
Training cognitive and behavioral skills to increase performance.
Goal setting
Imagination training and performance planning聽
Strategies for concentration and attention control
Working on self-esteem and competence in sports;
Building mental toughness聽
Managing emotions,
Sportsmanship and leadership skills.
Intrinsic motivation聽

In addition, it helps to work on communication in relationships, developing interpersonal skills, assertiveness.

The expertise of a sports psychologist also helps in crisis situations in an athlete’s life such as:

– sports injuries and rehabilitation;
– career changes and identity crises.
– overtraining and professional burnout;
– aggression and violence;
– substance abuse;
– dysthymia (lowered mood), depression,
– illness, death of a loved one
– eating disorders and weight management;

Does a sports psychologist work with teams?

As much as possible. If you notice as a team that there are skills that can be improved, you can come in for consultation and training. Perhaps you are a parent and together with other parents involved in the sports club and would like to learn how you can support your child even more strongly.

Examples of opportunities for group collaboration with a sports psychologist:

– team building;
– working on team communication
– workshops with parents and families involved in youth sports participation;
– work with parents on building emotional support for children and adolescents who are involved in sports
– workshops on pressure
– education of coaches on motivation, interpersonal and leadership skills, and talent development;
– educating coaches and parents on early identification and prevention of psychological difficulties.

Sport is an incredibly exciting, demanding and changing adventure, full of challenges. See which athletes have used/are using the services of a sports psychologist

„I know more about sports, I know more about psychology, I understand my own feelings and can speak them out loud.”

Kobe Bryant (one of the greatest players in basketball history)

Iga 艢wi膮tek (currently ranked world No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)

Adam Ma艂ysz (one of the most successful athletes in the history of the sport)

Szymon Ko艂ecki (weightlifter, Olympics gold and silver medalist)

and many other famous athletes.

Online or face-to-face sports psychologist?

Depending on your preference, meetings can be held in the form of video consultations or in person. 

If you have any questions call or email us at

Meet our specialists

  • Dominika Ba艂dyka

Sports psychologist
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Justyna Bielenda

Sports psychologist

Dominika Ba艂dyka

Sports psychologist
SFBT Therapist

Karolina Badowska

Sports psychologist

Sessions with a sports psychologist can benefit, anyone who wants to do things better. Every day we perform activities in different areas of our lives. We perform them as athletes, as students, as professionals, as friends, as employees or business owners. Sports psychology (or more accurately „performance psychology”) provides an understanding of who we are, what we think and what we do when we are at our best, and builds the skills that allow us to consistently bring out the best in everything we do.

Sure! We provide services for athletes, teams and sports organizations. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us by email or phone 535260553.

online sports psychology session: 281PLN 50 minutes

online sports psychology session:聽 鈧63 / $63聽 50 minutes

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